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Our Farms

Melange is a proud member of Suncoast Food Alliance, an organization 

dedicated to connecting farmers and chefs of the Tampa Bay area.

Mitchell’s Natural Produce

The Mitchell Family, headed by “Miss Marge”, is the first farm to commercially grow Madras Radish. We especially love her baby patty pan squash and Heirloom tomatoes when they are in season.


Bob’s Veggie Patch

Bob has been growing high quality vegetables with his hydroponic operation since 2004. He is especially gifted when it comes to peppers – Shishito, Padron, Pimiento, and Heirloom Italian varieties.


Hunsader Farms

A landmark of Myakka known for their family-friendly fall festivities. At Melange, we are fond of their limitless assortment of squashes and melons.


Mixon Fruit Farms

Since 1929, Mixon Fruit Farms in Bradenton has been growing and selling Florida citrus. Our bartenders love the fresh juice & unique citrus offerings, such as Honeybell Tangelos and Murcott Tangerines.


Radically Fresh Microgreens

We love Suzie – owner, operator, and rugged individualist. She grows the lovely edible centerpiece in the dining room, as well as all kinds of micros (micro-kale, micro-arugula, micro-red amaranth, etc.) and edible flowers. Basically, she makes everything more beautiful!


Pure Florida Apiary

Providing homes and jobs for bees since 2010. Their little workers produce Florida’s famous Palmetto Honey, along with Wildflower, Orange Blossom & Brazilian Pepper Honeys.

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